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PNG population is approximately 7,059,653, with Port Moresby is, the capital city of Papua New Guinea having an overall population of just over 400,000

Currency is the kina 1 kina (K) = 100 toea, with the exchange rate currently at around $1AUD = $2.80PGK

Household income or consumption by percentage share:

Lowest 10%: 4.3%

Highest 10%: 36% (2008)

Labour force: 2.078 million

Electricity - production: 2,200 GWh (2008)

Electricity - production by source:

Fossil fuel: 67.78%

Hydro: 32.22%

Electricity - consumption: 2,000 GWh (2008)

Electricity exports: 10 kWh (2008)

Electricity - imports: 0 kWh (2008)


In general, the Papua New Guinea economy is highly dependent on imports for manufactured goods. Its industrial sector—exclusive of mining—accounts for only 9% of GDP and contributes little to exports. Small-scale industries produce beer, soap, concrete products, clothing, paper products, matches, ice cream, canned meat, fruit juices, furniture, plywood, and paint.

The small domestic market, relatively high wages, and high transport costs are constraints to industrial development

Agriculture - products: coffee, cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, tea, rubber, sweet potatoes, fruit, vegetables; poultry, pork, vanilla

Papua New Guinea is richly endowed with natural resources, but exploitation has been hampered by the rugged terrain and the high cost of developing infrastructure. Mineral deposits, including oil, copper, and gold, account for 72% of export earnings.

The Holiday Inn & Suites Port Moresby is set on 5 hectares of landscaped gardens and offers a secure environment combined with international service standards and Papua New Guinea friendliness. Located in the heart of the Government district, access is via a modern four-lane highway 6 kilometres from the airport and a continuation of this highway a further 8 kilometres into the Port Area. Accommodation totals 154 rooms including standard and Premium rooms, two room suites, executive suites and serviced apartments. Facilities include a Sports Club with four Squash Courts, outdoor swimming pool with poolside bar, daily aerobics classes, cardio vascular training equipment, a jogging track and a fully equipped weight room. Professionally managed by qualified staff, the Sports Club is the ideal place to maintain fitness while in Port Moresby.

Eating at the Holiday Inn is great, with a huge offering of various roasts, pizzas, curries, pastas, vegetables, fruit and much much more.

The Kokoda track starts, or ends, at Owers Corner in Central Province, 50 kilometres east of Port Moresby, and then crosses rugged and isolated terrain, which is only passable on foot, to the village of Kokoda in Oro Province. It reaches a height of 2,190 metres as it passes around the peak of Mount Bellamy.

The track can take anything from 4 days to 12 days to complete, depending on fitness and rest time involved. Locals are renowned for being able to regularly complete it in 3 days. The best time to trek Kokoda is from April to September, during the 'dry' season.

The track was first used by European miners in the 1890s to access the Yodda Kokoda goldfields.

Between July 1942 and January 1943, a series of battles, afterwards called the Kokoda Track Campaign, were fought between the Japanese and Australian forces.

The record for the fastest cross of the Kokoda Track was set in 2008, the Kokoda Challenge race with a time of 16:34:05 by Brendan Buka, a 22-year-old Papua New Guinean trekking porter.

On the track No Roads offers the highest standard of delicious and nutritious meals, some of the food you will eat along the way is supplied by village people en route. This not only gives the villagers a market for their vegetable crops but gives you a wonderful opportunity to try out local foods. Food purchased locally includes pineapple, bananas, potatoes, pumpkins and eggs. They cook up curries, vegetarian pastas, damper, prawn crackers, fried rice and the list goes on. And you get to help prepare it with the porters so that you can engage them in conversation as this helps you build a bond with them.