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In Papua New Guinea 1 in 12 children die before 5 years of age.  Kids that survive past the age of 5 are confronted every day with the

daily struggles of living in a third world country and this is even more exaggerated in rural areas.


Amongst the many issues is education. Schools are now being re-built and staffed by local indigenous people who are being trained

themselves to educate the children. However without basic supplies such as chalk, books, pencils, solar calculators, paper etc., things we Australians take for granted, the children are limited in their education.


Why do these kids need a good education? Like all of us, education is a right not a privilege, and being educated assists in securing jobs in

order to provide for our families. It is no different for our neighbours in PNG.

Why should we help? Their ancestors helped ours; it is very well known that our diggers received much needed support and comfort

from the “fuzzy wuzzy angels” during the Japanese attacks in 1942.


We organised a group to trek the Kokoda Track in September 2014 not only to gain appreciation of what our diggers did back in
World War II, but more importantly to help those whose ancestors helped ours.

It was our vision to transport educational supplies to the schools along the track and we achieved this & purchased $6000 AUD in educational supplies which were distributed to the schools along the Kokoda Track.


Trek 4 Education is not about us, however we thought it would be the responsible thing to tell those who may want to join us and donate

a little bit about who we are.  Julie and I live in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne with our 2 dogs, who we love very much.  Julie works for Local government as an Administration Officer in the Local Laws area, and I work as an OHS & Risk Coordinator in the Transport Industry.  

We have always enjoyed the great outdoors and have been lucky enough to hike in some wonderful places, but there are still many places we have on our list. We also have always done our best to help others.  In 2008 Julie and I raised funds and toys for a family of a tradesmen who had worked at our home.  He sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer at the age 39Frank Fazio was the most honest and generous person who loved his wife and 2 kids.  We also support many animal organisations and have adopted rescue dogs. We may not be the fittest people but we do regularly exercise and enjoy hiking.

We are hard working, honest people who put their heart and soul into anything or anyone we feel is in need of help.  These direct descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels do need our help. In the words of the late John Denver “you do what you can do and I’ll do what I can do and together we can make a difference” words we live by, every little bit does help!  This website is 100% funded by us.

Mark has been to Kokoda on 4 occasions and successfully completed the Kokoda Track in 2008 and with Julie in 2012 & 2014.  During our times in Papua New Guinea we have made many PNG friends and have also come to love the country and its people, especially the descendants of the "fuzzy wuzzy angels"

The people along the Kokoda track have touched our hearts, their friendly smiles and wonderful hospitality during our treks have been

one of the many highlights.  Anyone who treks the Kokoda area will soon appreciate what these people did for our diggers during WW2.

Many Australians have very little understanding and knowledge of our closest neighbor.  Papua New Guinea is so close that if there were no crocodiles you could swim there!

There is not one veteran who served during WW2 in the Kokoda campaign that does not believe that a huge debt is due to the people of Papua New Guinea.  

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, repeatedly risked life and limb to support and help our troops.  Since the war many have believed that the debt

should be repaid and a number of foundations and trusts have been established to improve the lives of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Two great pressing needs are in education and health.  This is the reason Julie and I have made the decision to establish Trek 4 Education

and we really need your help and as much promotion as possible, so please pass on the word & donate what you can!


No Roads Expeditions” the tour company that we have used in the past, will be providing their expertise again for this trek.
This company, operated by Peter Miller and a great team of dedicated people, have made a huge difference for the people along
the track over the years. They have raised money through charity balls, fun runs and auctions; they have also, in conjunction with
other organisations, installed eco-toilets, assisted in building projects and more recently founded the No Roads to Health Foundation.
This foundation partners with aid agencies to deliver targeted health activities along the Kokoda track area, along taking health
professionals and medical supplies from Australia.  


The Kokoda Track Foundation is an Australian philanthropic organisation which aims to repay the selfless help given to Australia
during WWII by the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ of Papua New Guinea by helping to improve the lives and futures of their descendants.
It does that by assisting with their education and healthcare, by trying to protect their environment, by helping to foster the
growth of an eco-friendly trekking and tourism industry from which they can benefit, by working to keep the story of Kokoda alive,
and by seeking to identify and foster the next generation of PNG leaders.